Soul Train – an event from Soul Survivor Melbourne

Soul Train - click to enlarge
Soul Train - click to enlarge

Some of you would be aware that both Rebecca and I are involved in Soul Survivor Melbourne, and Soul is putting onĀ  an event for youth leaders and anyone interested in youth leadership. Basically, Soul Survivor UK head Mike Pilavachi (who is tweeting here if you’re so inclined) is out for the night, and it’s a great opportunity to hear from and pick the brain of someone with an enormous collection of experience in youth ministry. Plus it’s free and there’s likely to be some food, so what have you got to lose.


Tuesday 13 October, 6:30PM – 9:30PM

Melbourne City Conference Centre, 333 Swanston St Melbourne (Opposite the State Library).

Thanks for your attention, you can now expect a return to your regular service of advertisement free, mindless drivel.

(Actually – before we do return to regular programming – does anyone know of a good event registration service? Doesn’t matter too much if it’s hosted or not, but we’re looking at a possible new one for Soul and would love to hear from anyone with experience in that area…)