Top 6 reasons why it’s great to have a girlfriend

A conversation with little Paulie resulted in this post, so it would be impolite of me not to respond in kind….

6. Culinary Variety of the Gratis kind

You might lose your rights to eat all of your own meal, however with the acquisition addition new girlfriend comes an entire family, a family who want to get to know you and have meals with you. Meals that they want to have cooked. Suddenly your options for free meals have opened up beyond your own mother. Tuna casserole on the menu? Not for me it isn’t, I’m over to Bec’s place.

5. Transportational Conversation

Tired of the meaningless drivel that radio stations emit into your hapless ears? Have no fear, girlfriend is here. Your previously mundane (and lonely) car trips can now be filled with laughter, philosophical exchanges and whispering sweet everythings.

4. Organisational Infallibility

With a girlfriend, there is never any need to remember any date that doesn’t specifically relate to your girl herself (um, yeah, don’t forget those ones). No idea what you’re doing next weekend? Just ask your girlfriend. Can’t recall your mothers birthday? Not a problem – your girlfriend will no doubt have written that down already (not that I have ever had any problem with that one mum – 23rd March, I’m the son that can remember, unlike someone)

3. Awkward Situation Avoidance

That uncomfortable time when you’re in a social situation with no-one you know well enough to chat with, and are just waiting around for something to happen? Forget about it. Because when your girlfriend goes to everything with you, you’re never stuck with nobody to chat with.

2. Broadening of Cultural Horizons

Without doubt, it is not possible to engage in a relationship without going to things, watching movies, whatever, that you would not normally choose to go to by yourself. And while some of that leads down a path of desolate boredom, it is remarkably common for it to end in a realisation that there are some interesting things outside of my own sphere. Like, there might even be more to life than football 😮

1. In the words of Queen…….

“….Somebody tooooooooo, luuurve” (it’s so hard to translate Queen lyrics into actual words). Or in the words of the Blues brothers “its so important to have that special somebody To hold, kiss, miss, squeeze and please” . How could you knock that back Paulie?

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