2005 – The Year of the Humanitarian?

With Time Magazine naming Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates as “Persons of the Year”, the worlds compassionate response to the Boxing Day Tsunami, the global event that was Live8 and (still is) the Make Poverty History campaign. And the really encouraging thing is seeing the way that church leaders, and christians in general, are right there in amongst it. You never know, the words of Christ might almost be a chance of coming true:

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35 (NIV)

Still Learning

Ever have that realisation that some of the things you’re teaching might actually be true? I’ve been teaching the youth every second Sunday morning, help and found that I’ve been relaying the thought that god works best in us in our hardest times, site and that those are the times that you learn. It’s such an easy thing to say, and even though I’ve always believed what I was saying, it hit me hard the other day, when I’ve actually been going through the process of an unexpected (although still amiable and certainly not the messiest ever) breakup I’m actually finding that it’s true!

So as hard as this time has been, (which is my poor excuse for not blogging) I’ve been seeing God’s hand in all of it. God has been blowing me away, and while I’m not saying I’ve been altogether throughout this, and there’s still a lot of nagging questions, and my fragile self-esteem has taken a hit, God’s been walking me through it. This whole relationship deal isn’t just made up! Epiphany!

Breaking Up (is hard to do)

It’s amazing the goodness of God in darkness. Only bought the new Bernard Fanning Album off iTunes and after a surprise break up with the girl I love the most in the world last night (which I didn’t initiate or see coming), ailment this song comes up on my iPod outta nowhere. Sometimes the words of a song can just say exactly what you can’t get into words.
Wish You Well
Bernard Fanning

Up so early feel so bright
Didn’t get much sleep last night
Freight train rattled through my head
Whistle blowing love is dead
Is dead

Heart attacked by fear and doubt
won’t be long till the truth comes out
first impressions never lie
Lover’s bonds they hold so fast
Restless future burning bright
The past is holding on so tight
Never heard the warning bell
And I just want to wish you well
I just want to wish you well

Welcome swallows dip and swing
Take their cue from the slightest thing
Rolling fog into my room
Why did you give up on me so soon?
So soon

Restless future burning bright
The past is holding on so tight
Never heard the warning bell
And I just want to wish you well
I just want to wish you well
I just want to wish you well
I just want to wish you well

Why did you give up on me so soon?
Did you give up on me so soon?
I just want to wish you well
I just want to wish you well

© 2005 Dew Process/Universal Music Australia

Connecting with High Schoolers

OK, mind so I’ve been running a Sunday morning “chat/discussion/sermon/whatever else” with our church’s high schoolers. Part of the challenge has been connecting with a group that stretches from the “I’m just here because my parents made me” year 7’s to the fully interested year 12’s and finding a way to get something across to each of them.

Coincidentally I’ve just recently aquired a shiny new black video iPod, pharmacy so rather than stick with the regular format of a bit of me talking and then some discussion, search I had a go at something different. I downloaded “For the Birds”, one of the short animations available from the iTunes Music Store, connected the iPod to the TV with AV cables, and then even composed a little slideshow to go with the talk. And hey presto, suddenly I’m getting interested feedback from the complaining little year 7’s and even some pleasant comments from my little brother (which is worth more than anything. Getting a compliment from Squirt is like blood from a stone)
So now I’m an inspired little Geoff. The next idea is already brewing. Matt Glover’s post on the parable of the two sons has me thinking. Stay tuned for the results.

Pushing through terror laws

Regardless of your opinion on the current terror legislation, ampoule and your political leanings anyway, buy viagra there is something deeply concerning about the approach of our Federal Government (supported by the Federal Opposition) to pushing these changes through the Senate. Using a current terrorist threat as justification for implementing legislation with a minimal amount of scrutiny is despicable.

Pushing through new laws from a mentality of “we need it now” is deeply misguided. We haven’t seen a single significant terrorist attack on Australian soil in the past however long, and yet police need these powers now. Surely any law that is to last ten years should be enacted because it is the best set of legislation for the next ten years, not just as a knee jerk reaction to current circumstances. Letting governments get away with these sort of actions is akin to the sort of approach that saw the success of the burning of the Reichstag.

~Edit: Sorry if this is a bit controversial and slightly political. I am certainly not trying to say that the government is comparable to Nazis.

Tri Robinson

Spent Saturday listening to some recently posted MP3 files from the series of talks Tri gave at the National Vineyard Pastors and Leaders conference. Very worthwhile listen – Tri is great quality and has amazing wisdom. Really good solid teaching on leadership. Couldn’t recommend these highly enough.

Welcome to The Geoff Report

Well, I’m not sure that the name will stay, and I’m pretty certain that I’ll work out how to do this blogging thing more as I go along, but for the moment, “The Geoff Report” has started. This will have a little bit of Tech, a little bit of God, a little bit of Sport, and probably quite a bit of general fun. Hopefully there’ll be enough good stuff in it to keep someone entertained, even if it is only me. So feel welcome, this will hopefully be a journey.

Edit: Just in case you’re starting this blog from the start – you’ve probably noticed that the name quickly became “TheGeoffRe(y)port” – aren’t I clever making a little play on words like that with the whole Geoffrey thing?