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Note: Due to the recent increase in spam type comments, your first comment on this blog will need to be approved by me before it shows up. If you pass that test, your comments will then show up straight away from that time forward.

This page exists because I don’t like telling people off, but I do like keeping discussion nice. These are some basic guidelines for what I don’t want to see. If I see any of these things, your comment will be deleted. You’re welcome to complain, (email webmaster *@* but I’m not as flexible as you might think. So – there will be no:

  1. Aggressive profanity. I’m willing to let moderately bad words get through, as long as they’re not directed at a person. This might just result in your bad word being replaced with the word “Florist”.
  2. Personal attacks of any kind. Have a crack at people’s ideas – no worries. But there are to be no insults of any type, regardless of how mild you think they are.
  3. Discriminatory comments in regards to nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, anything else. There are to be only two exceptions: it’s OK to sledge based of sports team affiliation, and it’s OK to discriminate against Americans 😛

This list is not complete – I might delete your comment for other reasons. Nor is it definite that breaching one of these will have your comment deleted: I reserve the right to leave a comment that I believe to be contextually appropriate. But if your comment gets deleted, and it breaches these guidelines – I’m not going to feel bad.

Addemdum – Any link I deem to be “spammy” will automatically be deleted, with or without it’s comment. If I don’t like the site you’re linking to, but I think your comment has merit, I reserve the right to just delete your link.

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