We Love Brad ‘Cos He’s A Victorian

Well I’ve not delved much into my sporting passions so far in this blog, drugstore but today’s news that Brad Hodge has been dumped from the Australian Test side is bordering on insanity. The man has averaged over 50 in his 5 test matches so far and has not put a foot wrong. He is being replaced by Damien Martyn who is bordering on being the most out-of form cricketer in all Australia, diagnosis and Michael Clarke who hasn’t done anything since being dropped from the Test side for poor form. The selectors now have a tour party who is effectively the same team as we took to England, which was such a raging success.

I’m willing to put my (insignificant) credibility on the line and say that with the side the selectors have opted for, Australia will not be able to win this series. It is a sad day for cricketing administration in this country.

IE7 Continued – Restoring some balance

Well I’ve been using the beta for a bit longer now, ed and while I still won’t be changing from Firefox for the time being, there are some definite pluses in the latest beta release.

The RSS Support is very pretty, if perhaps a little bit tough to understand straight away. It works much better as a RSS reader than Firefox’s Live Bookmarks, although I’ll probably keep using those out of habit. And there are certainly some pretty colours. And you’ve got to appreciate them keeping with already accepted UI practices like having the middle button open a link in a new tab (although I did notice that if you try to open a link that would normally open in a new window in a new tab it’ll just open it in the new window anyway – marks off for slackness).

And it’s nice that the new browser has a little zoom thing on the bottom right, although it’s pretty crazy that it also enlarges the scroll bar, but whatever. So there’s a lot left that will continue to annoy me people, and I haven’t even tried checking how some CSS type functions do in IE7, but it’s better than my earlier review might have sounded. And no I haven’t written this addition in response to any Microsoft prompting. However if there are people from Microsoft wanting to bribe persuade me of the value of their products then they’re even stupider than I thought I’d be more than willing to hear from you. So do check it out, it’s certainly worth a look, if only to find out what most of the idiot users of the world will be using to browse the Interweb.

IE7 Beta Review

I figured it’s about time I make this a little bit nerdier to get up the geek cred. So I read around the place that Internet Explorer 7 is available as a public beta (officially this is IE7 Beta 2 Preview), tadalafil so I’ve been checking it out. And the results: underwhelming. Sure I probably should have expected that, help but it certainly won’t have me racing to get rid of Firefox in a hurry. Its interface has got rid of that one really sensible UI design feature, the menu bar at the top of the window, and instead they want you to click on a menu at the right hand top end, which for a lifetime windows user is counter-intuitive. When you make the menu appear as normal, it sits underneath the address bar and it doesn’t seem to move. It’s these kind of stupid little things that annoy people.

Anyway, if you want to experience the wonder of IE7 for yourself, you can get the setup download here. And other than those annoying things, it does seem to be a significant step up from IE6, and it does have tabbed browsing and RSS support and lots of the other things that make Firefox attractive. But not quite enough for me yet.

IE7 view of this site

Quote of the Year Is Taken Already

Been watching “Speaking In Tongues” on the podcast and I reckon Father Bob Macguire has taken out quote of the year with this pearler:

” Don’t leave your chicken on the microwave oven, ambulance ladies and gentleman, shop uncovered, even if it’s eight feet off the ground, if you’ve got a levitating dog” – Father Bob Macguire

I think there’s something in that for all of us.

2005 – The Year of the Humanitarian?

With Time Magazine naming Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates as “Persons of the Year”, the worlds compassionate response to the Boxing Day Tsunami, the global event that was Live8 and (still is) the Make Poverty History campaign. And the really encouraging thing is seeing the way that church leaders, and christians in general, are right there in amongst it. You never know, the words of Christ might almost be a chance of coming true:

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35 (NIV)

Pushing through terror laws

Regardless of your opinion on the current terror legislation, ampoule and your political leanings anyway, buy viagra there is something deeply concerning about the approach of our Federal Government (supported by the Federal Opposition) to pushing these changes through the Senate. Using a current terrorist threat as justification for implementing legislation with a minimal amount of scrutiny is despicable.

Pushing through new laws from a mentality of “we need it now” is deeply misguided. We haven’t seen a single significant terrorist attack on Australian soil in the past however long, and yet police need these powers now. Surely any law that is to last ten years should be enacted because it is the best set of legislation for the next ten years, not just as a knee jerk reaction to current circumstances. Letting governments get away with these sort of actions is akin to the sort of approach that saw the success of the burning of the Reichstag.

~Edit: Sorry if this is a bit controversial and slightly political. I am certainly not trying to say that the government is comparable to Nazis.

Welcome to The Geoff Report

Well, I’m not sure that the name will stay, and I’m pretty certain that I’ll work out how to do this blogging thing more as I go along, but for the moment, “The Geoff Report” has started. This will have a little bit of Tech, a little bit of God, a little bit of Sport, and probably quite a bit of general fun. Hopefully there’ll be enough good stuff in it to keep someone entertained, even if it is only me. So feel welcome, this will hopefully be a journey.

Edit: Just in case you’re starting this blog from the start – you’ve probably noticed that the name quickly became “TheGeoffRe(y)port” – aren’t I clever making a little play on words like that with the whole Geoffrey thing?