Connecting with High Schoolers

OK, mind so I’ve been running a Sunday morning “chat/discussion/sermon/whatever else” with our church’s high schoolers. Part of the challenge has been connecting with a group that stretches from the “I’m just here because my parents made me” year 7’s to the fully interested year 12’s and finding a way to get something across to each of them.

Coincidentally I’ve just recently aquired a shiny new black video iPod, pharmacy so rather than stick with the regular format of a bit of me talking and then some discussion, search I had a go at something different. I downloaded “For the Birds”, one of the short animations available from the iTunes Music Store, connected the iPod to the TV with AV cables, and then even composed a little slideshow to go with the talk. And hey presto, suddenly I’m getting interested feedback from the complaining little year 7’s and even some pleasant comments from my little brother (which is worth more than anything. Getting a compliment from Squirt is like blood from a stone)
So now I’m an inspired little Geoff. The next idea is already brewing. Matt Glover’s post on the parable of the two sons has me thinking. Stay tuned for the results.

Tri Robinson

Spent Saturday listening to some recently posted MP3 files from the series of talks Tri gave at the National Vineyard Pastors and Leaders conference. Very worthwhile listen – Tri is great quality and has amazing wisdom. Really good solid teaching on leadership. Couldn’t recommend these highly enough.