James Bond Fridays – Dr No

So after receiving the very fun gift of all the James Bond films on DVD, the Matheson Family are embarking on James Bond Friday nights: working chronologically through the Bond films from start to finish. So obviously we got going with Dr No.

The most obvious thing about this film is how well it stands up for a 50 year old film. Certainly all the standard Bond aspects are there: the girls, the action and the witticisms, and it is no surprise that this film sets up such an epic franchise given a solid foundation. From the moment Connery shows up he rides that delicate balance between James Dean über cool and actually being likeable.

Naturally this film is outright sexist, though I have a feeling it will get worse in the franchise before it gets better. Ursula Andress is renowned for looking fantastic in this film, but is wholly unbelievable as a generically European diver. The villain, Dr No is not the strongest Bond villain by any measure, but he works well enough. This is a good Bond, and it holds up remarkably well in 2012, but it is clear that the Bond films picked up momentum later from this start.

No idea if I’ll keep blogging the Bonds, but this was fun to start with.