The Next Big (and really little) Thing

So our tiny prodigy is due today. And whether it happens today, tomorrow or in two-week’s time, it is so exciting to be so close to such an enormous life change. In many ways it feels like we’re ready: we’ve been around plenty of friends with young kids and we’ve certainly done all the “required reading” but naturally in so many other ways this is something that no theoretical education is going to adequately prepare us for.

But as much as the nervousness and terror associated with impending parenthood looms large, the far greater emotion right now is the excitement at becoming a dad. It’s not by mistake that I spend so much of my time with young people and there’s certainly something innate that brought me into teaching which is only going to grow when I’m hanging out with a little person of my own. Even just playing with our little nephew in the last few months since he arrived has been amazing: something changes when the little ball of person is somehow related to you.

So without having really said anything, (clearly out of practice with the whole blogging thing) – it’s nice to blurt some thoughts out again and share them with the world. Who knows when I’ll be able to do that again!