Things have changed

I’m furiously trying to get school reports, university assignments and Cert IV Training and Assessment stuff done all pretty much this week, and found this note. It’d obviously come from some stream-of-consciousness exercise a couple of years ago, before the whole teaching adventure started, but it’s a fair indication of how much life has changed. The note reads:

I’m so stuck. Stuck creatively, stuck in my job, just stuck where I am. There has to be more than this, more to this life than my impotent suburbia. I want to love (or perhaps it says “live” – it’s unclear), I want to do something, not get sucked into this pathetic nothingness. I’m desperate for somet….. (trails off)

Life is stressful, crazy and hard at the moment. But I’m so glad it’s definitely not “impotent suburbia”.

A note from a past existence
A note from a past existence

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