The “iPad Revolution”

Here’s a video, and two thoughts that are sadly in conflict:

  1. I can’t watch this video without believing, at least for a moment or two – that this piece of technology would make me a happier, more complete person. It’s a fantastically brilliant piece of advertising.
  2. Promises like this feel to me to be an alternate gospel.

One Reply to “The “iPad Revolution””

  1. Wow,

    I see what you mean. It reminds me of the adds for the NS5’s in I-robot. There’s a sense that perhaps the technology is starting to get a little smarter than we are.

    The more of these things apple moves, the more I feel like the world has been infiltrated by a small handful of giant corporations. What happens when the passageway to truth goes through a single door, and that door has a turnstile that goes chink everytime another coin drops in it?

    I feel like a cattle.

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