Making the rules help the bad guy

I found this and thought it summed up the Western world’s response to terrorism as best as I can understand it. For the uninitiated LeBron James is probably the best basketball player in the world at the moment (other’s might tell you it’s Kobe Bryant, but they’re wrong).

“I’m quite sure I could beat LeBron James in a game of one on one basketball. The game merely needs to feature two special rules: It lasts until I score, and as soon as I score I win. Such a game might last several hours, or even a week or two, and James would probably score hundreds and possibly thousands of points before my ultimate victory, but eventually I’m going to find a way to put the ball in the basket.

Our national government and almost all of the establishment media have decided to play a similar game, which could be called Terrorball. The first two rules of Terrorball are:

(1) The game lasts until there are no longer any terrorists, and;
(2) If terrorists manage to ever kill or injure or seriously frighten any Americans, they win.”

Sourced from: Lawyers, Guns and Money: Terrorball

One Reply to “Making the rules help the bad guy”

  1. Is it trite to say I’m more scared of no electronics, no rugs on laps, and no getting up from the seat for the last hour of the flight than I am about said flight being blown up by some underpants (or a Giant Shark leaping out of the water for that matter)?

    x infinity if I take the kids. There’s no way you can ask a 3 year old to sit in his chair for any given hour on a plane unless they also provide tranquilliser darts.

    We’re looking forward to eventually touring America, but right now, the hoopla just to sit in an economy seat for xx hours and get DVT…

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