Four Years On

Today marks the fourth anniversary (blogiversary) of TheGeoffRe(y)port. A lot has changed personally in the past four years. I have:

  • Met a girl, flirted with her, started going out with hertaken a trip with her, got engaged, married, had our first anniversary and are now approximately 22 months into marriage.
  • Grown tired of my job, commenced a new job, decided that job wasn’t for me and that I wanted a new career and signed up to become a teacher.
  • Taken on a bunch of different roles within the youth ministry at YVV, then stepped back from youth, then moved to Ranges, and are now soon to be looking for a new church in the Northern suburbs.
  • Moved house three times, and setting up to move a fourth
  • Seen the engagement and wedding of my sister, and the engagement of my littlest sister-in-law

Kind of feels like I’m just about due a chance to take a proper breath. But life continues at break-neck speed, so hopefully we will have things to write about here for a while to come. Thanks for reading these past four years, and commenting intelligently (for the most part), and making it worth sharing thoughts, ideas and stupid little YouTube videos with the rest of the world.

2 Replies to “Four Years On”

  1. Congrats on your 4th year of blogging.And I must say what a wonderful blog it is. Also best of luck on your move. You must be somewhat nuts to move that many times! lol!

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