Weightless Shoulders

The end of last week has been such a relief. I was able to a) find out where we’d be living next year, sale and b) let work know that I’d be finishing up work in mid-November. Surprisingly, even the second of these two things went a lot better than I’d have expected: work understood that I wanted to have a go at a different career path.

But I think I’m beginning to understand just how much the shadow of these had been hovering over me. Friday was a crappy day in terms of workload during the day, but I really just felt at ease and peaceful: despite a bunch of pressure and a deadline that could well have meant staying back late. Then this Sunday we took a bit of a look around at potential houses, and checked out the school I’m going to be teaching at (from the outside anyway). Pieces are falling into place, and there’s more flesh on what was really only a vague concept.

The world is a happier place with less weight on your shoulders.