The Cat Exited The Bag

For some this won’t come as a surprise any longer: either because you already knew a while ago, or because you’ve been monitoring Facebook, Twitter, or my wife’s blog in the past 24 hours. But we’re ready to announce a little bit of upheaval in the Matheson household.

I’m becoming a teacher.


We’re moving to Northern Melbourne – somewhere around Mill Park.

It’s a big upheaval: work, church, in all likelihood some friendship groups are all set to change. We signed up for the Teach for Australia program, which [places recent (or relatively recent) graduates into disadvantaged schools. There will be a 6 week intense (and it will be intense) training period, and

Fortunately we’ve been lucky to get our top preference for “region”: Northern metropolitan. If we’d been less fortunate we could easily have been looking at going quite rural: Shepparton, Horsham, Sale, etc.

Regardless – the other news that I should tease out is that I’ve decided to blog this journey separately from my personal and theology stuff here. So if you a) want to follow my progress in becoming a newly minted teacher, or b) want to find out interesting educational theory stuff (hopefully) you will be able to at……

So go check out my new blog (there’s a better explanation of the Teach for Australia program there too). So, Son of a Teacher Man – should be a fun journey!

3 Replies to “The Cat Exited The Bag”

  1. HAHAHA “quite rural: Shepparton, Horsham, Sale, etc.”

    Those places you mentioned are regional centers, and quite large towns.

    If you want to go somwhere “quite rural” try one of these places: Goroke, Boort, Birchip etc.

    Thanks for making me laugh anyway.

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