What if the rest of the world gets it?

“I can never come to terms with a person who claims to be a man of God, spewing forth the hatred which we have seen this week in the USA….

The hate-filled pastor’s website claims he has no college education but he does have a good memory – by way of his committing to memory well over 100 chapters of the Bible, including almost half of the New Testament.

He might well remember that Christians are encouraged in the Gospels to love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Off Air: Hate from people who should know better

The quotes above come from ABC journalist Tony Eastley, talking about the bile that’s been coming from a number of “pastors” in the states. I was left with this disturbing thought:

Maybe the rest of the world understand Christianity better than the Christians do.

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  1. Wilson lacked civility but was correct – the facts are that Obama lied. I personally thought the entire house lacked civility and had commented to that affect to those I was watching with before Wilson’s outburst … he was just the most extreme. But I don’t see them as Christian. This is simply a reflection of the degradation of our political system and our society … which I expect as a Christian … so no surprises here, just frustration. 🙂

    Anderson on the other hand is not a politician, he claims to be an ambassador of Christ. He fails and is considered by most as a nut. So much so I don’t consider him an embarrassment. Anyone that confuses him as a representative of Christ clearly isn’t interacting with the real deal …

    I’m not sure why the article connected them to make the good point that it did (well, good point except the inferred link to racism which is not the case).

    1. “the facts are that Obama lied”. I’m going to need you to back that up with more than that Rick – I’ve followed the US healthcare debate a little and that’s not been the overwhelming view of the press I’ve been getting, so I’m interested in hearing more.

      1. After his speech.

        Before the speech he was advertising 46 mil uninsured. There were a number of news outlets and politicians telling him that included nearly 10 mil illegals. It wasn’t until later in the speech that he revised his number to “more than 30 mil” and it wasn’t until the next days that his people started working on the language to address illegals.

        Bottom line … he lied. He’s using the same tactic with abortion. He also has some blatant logical flaws combined with bad economics

        1. But don’t get me wrong … he is simply following the legacy of presidents before him … there is (1) false hope by so many in him and (2) vehement ugliness on both sides while each accuses the other side of being ugly … also not new for several generations of presidents.

          This exposes the real issue which is Christian putting their hope and trust in man’s economy and then tossing out the fruit of the Spirit when it doesn’t go as they desired … sounds not unlike 2000 years ago – actually since creation huh?

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