Decreasing the Geoff to Universe Ratio

All throughout my school years, I was skinny: proper skinny. Naturally, this allowed me to pick up a bunch of habits that really didn’t help me once the body stopped being as co-operative. So for the past seven years my weight has been increasing fairly steadily. About 2.5 years ago I hit an unfortunate milestone (100kg) and was prompted to do something about it. I ended up losing about 7kg; and probably kept most of that off for a good five or six months.

Perhaps more of a long term goal.
Perhaps more of a long term goal.

I’ve well and truly passed that mark now: in fact the medium term goal is to get back to 100. Regardless, the time has come to do something about it before my weight gets unhealthy, and fortunately this juncture has coincided with similar (though not all as dramatic) epiphanies from other members of the Matheson clan. So the contest is on: between now and Christmas Eve to see who can lose the highest percentage body weight. While I think this puts my wife and brother out of the running (for Bec to lose more than a few kilos would border on being unhealthy),  it’ll be good to have some people heading for the same goal.

Not really certain this needed a blog post, but if I seem grumpier or more lethargic: it’s because I’m patiently working on the reduction of the Geoff to Universe ratio.

4 Replies to “Decreasing the Geoff to Universe Ratio”

  1. Uh, isn’t the goal to >increase< the Geoff to Universe ratio? (Given the universe is bigger than you to begin with?)

    Cool plan with the whole family getting involved! Very excitement.

  2. Nope. Sorry Matt. I would be looking for an increase in the Universe to Geoff ratio, but a decrease in the Geoff to Universe ratio. Which side is bigger is immaterial.

    At least I’m pretty sure. Resisting urge to check on Wikipedia.

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