Top 5 reasons it is fun to have friends with kids

One of the fun things about the last little while is that our social circle has altered a little bit to include a number of friends with young kids. With that comes a bunch of complications, but I thought I’d put together my “top 5 reasons why it is fun to have friends with kids“.

  1. Someone to play with: Lets face it – there are a bunch of things you can’t really do unless you’re hanging out with a little kid. For starters, reading Grug.
  2. Gets you out of helping with dinner: Whenever you have people over, there’s always that awkward part where Bec is sorting out dinner and I’m there trying to look like I’m ready to be helpful, while also trying to be the entertaining host. Once you have kids involved, I can play with them whilst holding a conversation and there’s no chance I’ll be needed to set the table.
  3. A great distraction from awkward conversations: Nothing changes the subject quite as well as “was that a child falling over?” or “was that a child crying?”. Absolute lifesaver.
  4. Source of competition: I’ve already lost count of the number of times we’ve come away from someone’s house and the conversation immediately goes along the lines of “<Child’s name here> remembered my name”, “I can’t believe <Child’s name here> let me pick him/her up.” “I totally got <Child’s name here> to push her sister over”. Way too much fun. Plus I’m winning (according to me anyway).
  5. Reminds you why you don’t want to have children yet: They don’t talk about “all care and no responsibility” for nothing. The beauty of wrestling with someone else’s kid is that if it all goes nasty, it won’t be you they are depending on to patch up their bleeding little head. And “I did a poo” is only funny when you know that you’re not the one who needs to clean it up.

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  1. hmmm, bet I know which kid you convinced to push over their sister!!
    The lovely side of this for us is that our kids are surrounded by people who love being with them and they are growing up surrounded by people who adore them. So we are awfully glad you like hanging out with them, because they like hanging out with you.

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