Donald Miller on Leadership and Admitting Mistakes

Loved this quote from Donald Miller (aka the Blue like Jazz guy).

I won’t follow anybody who can’t admit a mistake. I led a college group at a church once, and as part of a series I created I asked all the pastors at the church to address the college group regarding mistakes they made when they were the age of my students. The pastors agreed, save one, who, as humbly as he could, explained he hadn’t made any mistakes. As the years went on, I noticed something about this pastor, I noticed he never admitted he was wrong, about anything, and I also noticed a trail of bodies behind him. He literally fired or marginalized anybody who did not agree with him.”

“Christian leaders who can’t admit their mistakes place a wall between their congregation and God, rather than a window. They paint an image of Christ on themselves, as they feel this is their job. People like the painting of Jesus they see on the wall, but in the end, the painting isn’t the real thing, and so Jesus just gets distorted.”
Don Miller Blog – Lessons in Leadership, Robert McNamara teaches the most important lesson

One of the things I’m loving about the church communities we’re a part of at the moment is that by taking a much more collaborative approach to how church works together, it becomes a lot harder for the wall between the congregation and the leadership to get built up. But regardless of whether you’re a mega-church leader or just hanging out with a small group of friends to try to get something started: there’s something vitally important about being upfront when you mess up.