Being lead astray by Rollins

Phyllis Tickle - be very, very afraid
Phyllis Tickle - Are you afraid of this woman?


My apologies readers, unfortunately I’ve been naively exposing you to heresies that will undoubtedly lead you into eternal damnation: likely including gnashing of teeth and rock music. “Apprising ministries“, guardians of all that is holy and true, and warriors against the evils of non-orthodox thinking, managed to find Tuesday’s fanboy post on “The Orthodox Heretic” – Peter Rollins’ book of parables (which you can buy here, here or here) and out of concern for my spiritual well-being posted the following in an article about Rollins:

Here’s a couple of more illustrations beginning with a rapidily ascending philosopher/theologian of the Emerging Church by the name of Peter Rollins. As I am looking into the twisted teachings of Rollins I’m seeing at least a couple of posts a day where people are just now discovering him.

Take for example You Must Read “The Orthodox Heretic” from TheGeoffRe(y)port:


The coherent argument used in the post was that given that Rollins’ was endorsed by such Satan lovers as Rob Bell and the incarnation of Jezebel herself: Phyllis Tickle (pictured), he was obviously preaching an anti-christ message. Any positive effects such as concern for justice or the poor, or even just showing more interest in loving your neighbour after reading Rollins’ books must therefore be purely coincidental. It’s so fortunate that we have moral guardians such as Apprising ministries to keep us safe from any theology that might result in a practical implication in our lives.


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  1. You’ve hit the big time now, Geoff. I mean, you’re still going to hell, but you’ve hit the big time.

    Even if the theology police of Apprising and their ilk are right (and in general, I don’t think they are) and Rollins and his minions are wrong, I would rather be wrong stand with the grace and generosity of spirit that the Emergent guys display than be right and stand with those who quite happily tear them down.

  2. Great to see that you are read so much Geoff. It is always surprising who likes to poke a finger yet, never has read the original source. I wonder… Seen it in my own denomination. I’ll be purchasing the book now thanks!

  3. May the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ be with this guy. It’s not really shining through in his words at the moment.

    Great PR Geoff. I, for one, love reading your words.

  4. My advice (you’ve learned by now that I always have some) … be careful. The path of interacting with discernment ministries, whether pro or con, is cancerous. It will rot your soul. You will find frustration, anger, etc. but not fruit. This is better left untouched – at least in public forums such as the internet. I have seen it happen to a number of friends and I myself got caught up in that a few times. It never led to health.

    As for Tickle and gang – stick with your book review and try to be clear minded. I don’t know her. I haven’t read her book. But I’ve read blogs by a few that revere her and I have to say their thinking is “not Biblical” (as you like to say). Seriously, I am unable to square big chunks of their thinking with Scripture and have found a lot of false grace in them, i.e.., grace toward those in their “conversation” but not toward those outside.

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