Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-26

  • RT: @CricketAus:Windies hold off Poms: England failed in race against time to dismiss West Indies in Third Test #
  • Geoff’s patented best read for the day: “Why Church Must Be Small” – read more than just the title – #
  • and a companion piece – “Absolved by Attendance”, beautifully written and well considered – #
  • Nick Maxwell cleared. All AFL’s talk about head being kept sacred from contact now shown to be farcical. #aflfooty #
  • less than three hours away from weekend. #
  • Had a great time with a crew of friends over for birthday last night. #
  • good curry and good chats about good theology with good people. Hard to argue with that. #
  • all set for another work week. #
  • getting worried about bushfire in Upwey – sounds serious and you can see heaps of smoke from here in Doveton #
  • Tired and beaten up after basketball #
  • Still got a sore jaw after copping a knock at basketball last night. #
  • OK – this is the coolest thing I’ve seen today. #
  • off to a @SoulSurvivorAU meeting- should be fun! #
  • best line ever: “…because laughing is not a sin, unless you are laughing during pre-marital sex.” – from here: #
  • starting at a new client on Monday – looking forward to something new. #
  • just found the best way ever to deliver bad news: #
  • really glad that with two days to go at the client, they decide to finally give me work – eight days worth #
  • “a cure for cancer in our time” – sounds to me like Barack has Toby Ziegler writing his state of the union. #
  • got a night full of stuff planned for tonight. Already called dad, downloading Safari beta, generating a new ringtone and then who knows? #
  • turns out I’ll be at current client a little bit longer. #
  • RT: @iandstewart: My eyes! My eyes! #
  • waiting for an Operating system user. The only thing worse than too much to do is having too much to do and waiting on someone else! #
  • Just got an advertising email from titled “You can win friends with salad”. Optimism and pop-culture references! #
  • Very VERY proud of my wife and the logo/brand she just launched: #
  • New Post #aflfooty – Player Previews – Very Funny #
  • could be in for a long day. Took three goes to read the word “PUSH” on the door #

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