Year In Review – Marriage

Bec and I

It would be foolish for me to try and write about the year I’ve had without talking about the experience of being married. Given that it all started on January 5th – it’s obviously been the biggest thing about this year. And it’s certainly taken some getting used to, in ways I didn’t necessarily expect. It’s taken quite a bit for us to find the rhythms of living with each other: understanding when the other is desperate for a chat, and when one needs some space, and working out what to do when both of those occur at the same time.

But somehow, there’s this underlying feeling that this is how we’re supposed to be. How we were designed to live*. Even things that I never expected to enjoy, like explaining the game of cricket to a wife with no idea whatsoever, is such a precious and sacred experience. There’s just something nice about hanging out with the person who you share a bed with every night. I still don’t really know how to articulate what I’ve found – but it’s marvelous.

* – The “we” in question here is just me and Bec. I wouldn’t want to suggest that everyone should be married.

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