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Wifey tagged me on this movie meme. So I figured I’d better do it.

Name one movie that:

1. Made you laugh
Empire Records

2. Made you cry
Life Is Beautiful

3. You loved when you were a kid
The Lion King

4. You’ve seen more than once

5. You loved but were embarrassed to admit it
Love Actually

6. You hated
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

7. Scared you
Independence Day (OK – I was pretty young)

8. Bored you

9. Made you happy
Batman Begins

10. Made you miserable
Last King Of Scotland

11. You weren’t brave enough to see
The Ring

12. One character you’ve fallen in love with

13. The last movie you saw
Iron man

14. The next movie you hope to see
The Dark Knight

6 Replies to “Movies and Stuff”

  1. Just realised that I should have put a different one in for “You weren’t brave enough to see”:

    Hairspray – too scared of “catching the gay”

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