I’ve written before about my obsessions (and I’m thinking in particular about the whole “stacking thing”), but partly due to the whole being married thing, I’ve become aware of some funny little things I do. So here they are:

  1. Once I get home from work, I’m unlikely to have a proper conversation for about half an hour, or an hour if it’s been a long day. Then, I suddenly get a rush of talking-ness and everything is OK.
  2. I have a nasty habit of bidding on things cheaply, thinking: “it’s OK – I’ll never win it at that price”. That’s how come I’ve got Original Munchkin which arrived on Friday.
  3. I frequently talk back to the news. Worse to “current affairs” shows. Even Especially when there’s no one else around.
  4. I think better when I have something in my mouth, which leads to either bouts of obesity, or an inability to lend my pen to anyone other than my wife. I’m flipping between the two.
  5. There’s an air freshener in our public toilet at work that goes off periodically and sounds like someone sniffing. Every single time it goes off, it makes me freak out that there’s someone standing over my right shoulder.
  6. My Google Reader is currently subscribed to 186 feeds. I know that’s too many, but there aren’t any that I’m willing to give up. Not all of them are blogs: I check the news headlines from the BBC World News, and The Age, and I also get things like IT security notifications just to keep an eye out. But it’s way too many.
  7. Despite my football team only having made the finals twice while I’ve been alive, having also won the wooden spoon last year, and our prospects for this looking faint at best, I still bought a membership for my wife and I for the upcoming season.

So there you are. Does anyone share any of my freaky-ness?

4 Replies to “Quirks”

  1. We’ve started to get into Settlers of Catan with some friends, but we don’t own it (yet) so we haven’t quite stepped over the line into obsession. We’ll have to check out Carcassonne – we’re quickly becoming absolute suckers for board games.

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