Mr and Mrs

I’m sure that the vast majority of you have already been caught up over at my wife’s blog (posts here, here, and here). If you haven’t, then I suggest you do that first

The wedding happened, and it worked – we’re husband and wife. The whole thing went wonderfully, although it was freaking hot! We’ve enjoyed a fantastic time away, hanging out, honeymooning, seeing Adelaide and surrounds, and then finally on the way home (about 4 hours from the house), we managed to blow up my poor little corolla. The execution hasn’t been carried out, but it now seems certain that the ‘rolla won’t be making any more big trips. Or small trips.

To keep the unruly mob happy, I’m posting our vows below. We’d written our own vows, and between you and me, were pretty happy with them:

Rebecca today I am committing myself to being your husband, and all the adventures and challenges of life together. I promise to follow the example of Jesus and make choices that put your needs before my own. I will stand by you and stand for you. Your heart will be safe with me, and I entrust you with mine. I want to love you the way that God loves you; without reservation. I promise to honour you, learn from you, listen to you and laugh with you. I choose to serve you, respect you, and love you before all others for the rest of my life. This is my covenant with you

If you’re reading this and you helped out at all on the day (and there are plenty of you who helped), you have my immense gratitude. And to Kat who drove us from Horsham to Ballarat (and then back again) and mum and dad who picked us up from Ballarat – I owe you big time. It’s been fun, but reality had to hit soon enough.

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  1. Wow I really really really hope for your sake you had full comp insurance, cos thats gonna hurt otherwise.

    On the bright side… if you did, you get to start married life with a brand new car!?

    Remind me if I ever get married and drive my car to take out full comp!

    Not that either of those things seems likely or practical any time soon.

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