Forty Feet Gopher

Wanted to point out a few things of interest on the interweb. The first is to (belatedly) let anyone who didn’t already realise know that Hamo (the National Director of Forge now that Alan Hirsch has taken off for the US) has picked his blogging back up again, and has got already been putting out some amazingly good content. He can be found over at Backyard Missionary ( and quite frankly, if you’re here for intelligent theological and practical missional discussion, go there first – he does it much better. Of course, if you’re here to find out what’s going on in the life of Geoff, he’ll have significantly less of that.

The second thing to draw your attention to is that Dan Wilt has got a wonderful piece on his blog called “The Scandal Of Particularity: Facing Jesus In A Postmodern Age” which strikes exactly the line that I think I’d draw in dealing with the tension between the battle-stations, hard-line fundamentalist, militant view of Jesus’ claim to exclusivity and the opposite side where Jesus becomes “one path to the same God”, which preaches a gospel that is more culturally acceptable but which loses a huge chunk of the meaning and mission of who Jesus is. But don’t take my word for it: have a read – it’s a long one but utterly worth the time.

The third thing is much less theological and a lot more silly. “Say No To Crack” got me onto the “Internet Anagram Server” – which is where the post title comes from: it’s an anagram of “TheGeoffReyport”. You put in the words you want anagrams for and away it goes. Other highlights for “TheGeoffRe(y)port” include:

  • Thy Groper of Feet
  • Top Ferret, eh Fogy
  • Heft Reef Orgy Pot
  • They Free Frog Pot

OK – enough silliness. You’ll have noticed a lack of posts on here: life’s getting busier with moving house and wedding stuff and youth all combining to rob me of blog posting time.

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