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I don’t know if I’m the only one who ever did this, but I regularly read The Age’s “Good Weekend” and used to always love the “What I’m…” column bit. So this is my crack at filling in blog readers who have been in veritable starvation for quality GeoffRe(y)port content of late, and hopefully finding something that might entice that ever exciting and elusive goal of the theological/personal blogger: meaningful discussion.


Emergents, fundamentalists and online comics. “Emerging Manifesto of Hope” arrived in the mail for me the other day from my good friends at Amazon, and there’ll eventually be a review once life calms down and I don’t have assignments making me feel guilty for not doing them. I’m making a choice to read things that I know I’ll probably disagree with: thus the choice to read some quality (or otherwise) fundamentalist. Specifically I’ve subscribed to “Slice of Laodicea“, which is proving to be a great way of finding the good and the bad in the American religious right. And there is good in there – it’s just harder to find. But the whole process seems to be helping me to become more tolerant: other people start looking good by comparison. And I found “White Ninja” (almost always wrong, but very funny), “xkcd” and a few others a while ago, and it’s got me hooked on online comics. Too funny

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Atheists, Schubert, Intellectuals and Hughesy. I must admit – for the moment I’m not listening to heaps of music – my iPod is mostly putting out podcasts. Radio National’s “Late Night Live” has had a few atheists on recently talking about how dangerous it is to believe in God, which has been a bit of a struggle to listen to, I must admit. There’s a definite feeling of being discriminated against because of the stereotype of the crazy right-wing christian nut-case who has made it all so bad for everyone else. But at the same time, I think that my faith is strengthened by hearing the big intellectual atheists (meaning Dawkins and his ilk) because at least if I can stand up to that, then that’s the worst that an intellectual argument against the belief in God is likely to get. So interspersed with listening to intellectuals, I’ve been enjoying Nova 100’s podcasts: Dave Hughes is freaking hilarious and so are Hamish and Andy. It’s been very fun. And after Bec’s comments about Schubert, I had to get onto that. It’s a pretty cool piece.


Spiderman 3 – twice. Once with friends, once with youth guys. It might have actually got better. Not much else to tell you the truth, although I am loving the fact that I’ve now got Paris je t’aime in my possesion, which is a beautiful movie that I love very much. Avoiding watching the not-even-losing-badly-so-you-still-have-hope Tigers, although not doing all that well at avoiding it.


My fiance. Being engaged. FCN winning the DFB Pokalfinale (German Cup). The goal in extra time that won the game for “der Club” was something to behold. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to piece together the highlights from news reports and you tube, but it was something special. First title they’ve won in 45 years – good time to be a Nurnberg fan.

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  1. Reading Slice huh? Wow, best wishes … I had the same thought once but it took so much effort to find the truth that I found the daily sliming I got wasn’t worth it. I stick with Pyromaniacs for that. They are still spewing junk at me but I find there is typically more “truth” behind what they say and certainly they challenge my logic, Scripture base, etc..

    Anyway, stay with them if you like but … ouch.

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