Yelling at the “Yeller and Black”

Last night I gave Rebecca the opportunity to see Richmond take on Geelong (and by inference, to see how I act at football games). Unfortunately, the Richmond football club rebelled, and in what can only be considered a protest at the forced retirement of club stalwart Darren Gaspar, denied my love the opportunity the chance to watch anything which could be in any way described as football.

Words can’t express how bad the team was: but there has never been a bigger loss for the Tiges than last night. The disappointing part is that players like Joel Bowden, who is unlikely to have played a worse game in his entire career, will likely still be bestowed with the wholly undeserved privilege of wearing the very same jumper they have disgraced so carelessly. I really do like Terry Wallace – but if he coaches our team to another defeat above 100 points than I cannot see a way for him to continue in a senior coaching role. Anywhere

3 Replies to “Yelling at the “Yeller and Black””

  1. Oh Geoff, I feel your pain! How on earth will you convince Bec they are the team to follow? Perhaps your passion and love for the Yellow and Black will be enough. I hope so, there is not much better than enjoying a game of football with your family, especially when your team wins and you can loudly sing the club song together. Ah, perhaps that’s it, everyone loves the Tigers song its my second favourite one. I suggest you teach Bec the song!!

  2. I feel for you mate, I really do. I remember once when Freo was 100 points down against Brisbane, and that was before half time!

    If our poor start continues, we might be looking for a new coach as well. But please, we do not want Wallace.

  3. When I heard the score, I thought that might have been an interesting match for Bec to watch you at… at least she knows that’s probably the worst it’s/you’re going to get. Hopefully…

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