Quick word of thanks

Just wanted to say how nice it’s been reading all your lovely comments of congratulation (both here and there). It’s been very touching and fun for both of us. And hundreds of you have come to have a look at the story – I hope you’ve enjoyed having a read 😀

Still coming to terms with it all really – and pretty excited all round

3 Replies to “Quick word of thanks”

  1. Where’s the “more photos to come” as promised?!!
    I am patiently waiting and checking in each day!!

    Oh! and congratulations Geoff!
    I tried to leave a commment the other day, but it told me i had already made that comment.
    i definitely hadn’t. >:(
    oh well!
    I recall myself saying something like, “now i shall refer to you as cousin-in-law.”
    And i think you have a wonderful woman, right there in Rebecca.
    And i am over the moon for you both, its the best news i heard from home since being in Canada.
    Take care!

  2. Hi Geoff aka future son-in law,
    loved all the story of the big proposal and all and I/we are very excited etc. Just one comment on the blog site. I get this HIDEOUS black and yellow lines thingy when I first enter the site- I daresay it has something to do with a certain football team and it does go away after a bit BUT it is driving me crazy and is enough to set off epileptic seizures – can anything be done to keep me sane?
    Your future Mother In Law!

  3. Geoff, I have to agree with Melinda those lines are terrible, and it’s not just because they are black instead of brown!!!

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