You really ought to read this

I think I’ve mentioned his blog once or twice before, but there’s an amazing post over on Paul Mayers’ blog “One for the road” discussing what it really means to live in an other-centred community, particularly in relation to sexuality and more specifically homosexuality and celibacy. From the post:

“would you change your views on homosexuality if it meant you being prepared to surrender your own sex life and live with them as a friend and companion who together shared a life of celibacy and its related struggles?”

If there’s a better, more honest look at what Christian sexuality is really all about, then I certainly haven’t found it.

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  1. Yep, lots folded into this: self sacrifice, sexuality both same and straight, self control, discipline, love and affection, and how we view others (their humanity v ability to pleasure me): I’d LOVE to really really see what the church of Acts looked like.

  2. This is a wonderful quote. I will certainly go to Paul Mayer’s blog.

    As an Evangelical Christian with several friends who are homosexual, I struggle to “speak the truth in love” while showing the self-lessness of Christ. I think it requires a sense of perspective and humor (with ourselves first, then with others). I try to do this in my recent blog – “I’m OK, You’re All Gay”. I’d be interested in your input.

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