Notes On A Scandal – A Study on Loneliness

Saw “Notes On A Scandal” last night – brilliant film that I don’t really want to see more than once – just a little too creepy. Brilliant performances from both Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench: both amazing actresses, and I can categorically say (having seen Helen Mirren in The Queen) that Dench deserved the best actress Oscar the other night. She was incredible, and the whole thing was directed and written remarkably well: I can’t think of a movie with a more effective use of narration.

But as much as Judi Dench’s character is unequivocably the villain, there’s a definite sense that this life is so hard for the lonely and elderly. It just really struck something in me, that in many ways helps me to understand the place for many old, single people that the traditional church has for them. A place where they belong, where they know how things operate, and where they can feel a part of a community. And as much as the revolutionary wants to mess some of that up, for many people that becomes a deeply missional activity.

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  1. Amen to that bro; we focus a lot of our evangelism on youth and (young) adults, but old dudes are souls with equal currency in God’s eyes as the rest of us. Makes for much quieter music though.

  2. Geoff,
    I think you’ve hit on something quite relevant regarding the elderly. There is a reason why another (and some would argue, better) word for pastor is elder. Scripturally, parents and grandparents were the most respected part of a community. I would contend that in many ways, youth is worshipped in America (I can’t speak for other countries) and in the American church, and those upon whom honor is to be conferred, the elders, they are ignored and considered irrelevant. As a result, we spend all of our time trying to reach the youth of the world and once they become an adult, we tell them (through our actions) that their usefulness to God has suddenly diminished.

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to go off on a long rant like that. It’s just been something that I’ve been thinking about.

    Thanks for posting.

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