Men and church

Rodney Olsen has an interesting discussion proceeding on his blog around “Why Men hate church”. It’s something I’ve had a bit of a crack at in the past, but it’s certainly an issue that seems to be gaining significant momentum in God-blogging discussions. The conversation was in response to an article by the Sydney Anglicans – who despite often being a little bit rigid in their theology, also have some very valuable things to say from time to time. I think that I agree in principle with most of their solutions, although I’m also pretty clear that it’s rarely (if ever) as nice and clean-cut as “Problem A is solved by Solution B”.

But have a look at the article, it’s quality, and drop on over to The Journey and discuss with the masses.

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  1. You might want to lay off the anglicans a little bit Geoff. I’ve spent a bit of time with them (well, Melbourne ones) in recent times. I’m yet to meet an anglican (or at least one who publishes things) who doesn’t love words and doesn’t have a bit of a thing for propositional arguments.

    That said, you’ll find that while they will most certainly have a go at putting forward a theory, solution or theological position, you’ll also find that the educated ones certainly see personal theology as something that most certainly has a fluidity about it as people adjust their espositions and their actions in order to balance what one does with what one says.

    The sense of rigidity often comes from an appreciation of the historical progression of biblical scholarship over a long period of time.

    That’s 1 cent from me, just for the sake of contrast… but keep lobbing grenades at Sydney Anglicans if you like… unless they follow the AFL. I might give you the other cent some other time.

  2. You got me firing on this one Geoff. Just wondering (for all the younger male readers out there) whether the picture of church (from the article and blog) and its mismatch for males (as opposed to females) fits with your experience? (says she who sometimes wonders if she can bear to sing the chorus… yet again!).

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