IE 7 Available as Release Candidate

Screenshot of TheGeoffRe(y)port in new IE 7 RC1Months and months ago I posted about the new IE 7 Beta – well it’s now available as a release candidate (meaning it should crash a whole lot less). It looks pretty, has tabs, has a slightly cumbersome UI but I’m willing to get over lots of it. Basically, it’s a good browser without being great. They’ve weeded out lots of the really frustrating rendering things, so that web developers are happier people generally, and they’ve got it coming close to where Firefox is at. Personally, I think that Firefox still kicks its behind, but given that we’ve got a few apps that only work in IE at work – there are worse problems than having to end up using this puppy for them. Naturally, I’d recommend that rather than use this, you click on the “Firefox with Google Toolbar” icon on the lower left hand side. But this is better than using IE 6, so if you’re still using that – get onto IE 7 quick smart!

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