Top 5 Reasons I’ll Never Make A Lot Of Money Out Of TheGeoffRe(y)port

ProBlogger – The ultimate resource for people who want to make some moolah out of the greater blogosphere- has got everyone doing a writing exercise in the hope that they’ll randomly get chosen as prize-winners. And because I’m always a sucker for a good competition, and wanted to make my list as apt as possible, here’s my submission – the top 5 reasons that I won’t make a lot of money out of blogging.

  1. My adsense ads are tiny and hard to find. If you look carefully down the very bottom left of the page, hidden in the deepest darkest corner of “TheGeoffRe(y)port” is my little Google ads block. Who’s going to find them there?
  2. This blog has no niche. Either that or it has a niche so tiny as to fit only myself in it. I mean how many tech-nerd, Richmond supporting, Australian, Vineyardian, Emerging Church interested, U2 loving, daggy people can there be on the Internet? Think that the last few posts are interesting – just wait a bit: I’ll bore you to tears soon enough.
  3. The posts are all too short or too long. Half of my posts are barely worth making your way from your RSS Reader for. The other half require dedicating an entire afternoon, evening and then some of the next day. And even that’s only if you’re a speed reader. When I get ranty – I get really really ranty.
  4. I seem to naturally go against everything the guru says. I really enjoy reading Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger – he always has useful things to say, it all makes perfect sense, I can understand how his methodologies would make a huge difference to advertising revenue. But I don’t ever do it.
  5. I’m having much too much fun to change any of these things. After all, as all remarkably self-absorbed bloggers would say – this blog is all about me anyway!

(Note: To the lovely people who left lovely comments last time I posted about how bad this blog is – don’t feel like you need to make me feel better about myself. I’m pretty happy with the way this blog is – money spinner or not) 🙂

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  1. Love it. particularly love the fact you are so happy with the situation! Much better than people bemoaning how they never make money off of blogging – this is much more fun to read, and just to show how much I liked it, I’m clicking on an ad 😛

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