Feeling Useless

There are few things I struggle with more than the feeling of helplessness. Put me in a frightening situation, and as long as I’ve got some part to play, something to keep my mind on, to make me feel like I can do something about it, then I can keep it all together. But it’s the feeling of being useless, like nothing I do will change anything that leaves me in pieces. And that’s how I feel at the moment.

I made the mistake of watching this video while I was at work (I haven’t yet worked out how to put YouTube videos into my posts so for the moment you’ll just have to make do with the link). It’s one of the most emotionally impacting pieces of journalism I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t possible for me to watch the desperation of these people, to hear their desperate cries or to listen to their horrifying stories without being hit hard.

But what do you do? We have a government in this country who is determined to only take the opinions of the United States on any matters of foreign policy – and they are certainly Israel’s ally and who refuse to accept that these actions are a foul breach of international law, and ultimately acts of terrorism. I can’t watch these scenes and not relate with these people’s heartbreak. These are murders. How could you not be terrified if you were living in that place.

If you’ve got this far and haven’t watched the video, stop reading, click on the link, and watch it. Don’t shut these cries out, don’t let this have no effect on your day. allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to get angry. Because the only way anything will change is if the voices of the world actually start getting angry. I don’t know what we can do, but all I know how to do is to get angry and loud. And if enough people in their comfortable western existences are actually willing to cut the crap and start getting angry and loud, those are the voices that George Bush, Tony Blair and even Ariel Sharon actually listen to. And while that doesn’t ever feel enough, I can’t put up with having done nothing.

Free Lebanon.

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  1. i saw this on SBS world news last night.

    what disturbed me the most was the little girl talking about how the bomb’s had hit her mother and her grandmother, killing her gandmother. she has no sadness in her face. its like.. its almost normal…
    the old mans (and the women at the start who lost their passports) anguish and grief is almost too much to handle. its really sad.

    i really feel for the lebanease (sic?), its true i do. to be caught in a country where you are being invaded, and bombed is something i never wish to experience, and never wish anyone to.
    but, to focus all the blame on isreal isnt correct. its such a hard situation, and i am no where near an expert in it at all.
    its the civilians who are suffering, yes. but why is there no footage from isreal, about the rockets going off in their towns.

    no wars are ever one sided. there are always two stories.

    it got very scarey for me the other day, when i was sitting watching some news about it. its a real war. not like the iraq thing. this is a real war, between two groups of people. if something doesnt happen soon, i fear we might be heading for something more global…

  2. You’re absolutely right Sam, this is certainly not a one-sided position. The difference for me is that the rockets being fired on Israel’s cities are from a terrorist organisation. Hezbollah is definitely bad news, I have no doubts about that. The issue for me is that Israel is a government, and a westernized government at that – and they are killing literally hundreds of civilians. It’s almost like fighting crime by locking up everyone from the wrong side of town. Killing innocent people shouldn’t be tolerated from anyone, but especially not from governments. That’s what I’m saying.

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