On a more personal matter….

Those of you who are a bit cluey, or who are well read (or who had someone tell them) will have picked up that I’ve gone and got myself a girlfriend. All very fun. It’s still all a bit exciting and new and fresh, and I’m pretty sure that the reason that the traffic on this blog seems to have doubled overnight must have to do with her friends visiting me to suss me out. So, in the spirit of revenge, ummmm something else, I encourage you to go over and check out all said and done. Leave a comment. She’ll love it! πŸ™‚ And a big hello to anyone who is trying to work out whether or not I’m good enough for dearest Rebecca. You’re probably right, I’m not. Just don’t tell her that.

It’s a funny place to be in, just starting out a relationship. My natural instinct is to start letting all the old insecurities start back over again. But it’s such a statement of how much God has done in me in recent times that they don’t feel like they have the same power anymore. Maybe that’s some of what maturing is all about, but it certainly feels like God has put in a much better awareness of who I really am. Which is always a winner! So… let the grand adventure begin.


And a quick insight into my smooth moves from Reverend Fun πŸ˜€

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  1. The soaps keep people watching by getting the characters together. Maybe it will work for your blogs.

    As for the being insecure Geoff… Bec’s a pretty good judge of character. If she’s even entertaining the idea, I’d suggest that you’re probably a top bloke. (Other than the whole Richmond thing.) πŸ˜‰

    Bec Friend Membership #4874

  2. “The soaps keep people watching by getting the characters together”

    mmm, the soaps also keep people watching by then letting you know that the happy couple end up being twins who were separated at birth. So I’m not sure that I’m that thrilled with following that one through πŸ˜‰

    Ah, you’re all very nice.

  3. *laughs*

    ahh, you gave it all away geoffables! it was fun having people guessing… or asking me whats going on πŸ˜›

    you are right. you have been telling who ever listens!

    and i think you are good enough for bec… just *chuckles*

  4. Have known Bec very well for 20 years so that might qualify me for an opinion (totally unbiased of course).
    Apart from being a lousy cook and not in a great hurry to do her chores she is really quite a terrific girl. Must be something to do with excellent genetic nmaterial plus exemplarary parenting!
    Good on you Geoff for your honesty. We are quite excited by this development. Now her sisters have someone to tease other than Laura who has patiently born “boyfriend” jokes etc for the last 7 years!
    Melinda ‘
    PS Great Blog Geoff -I never thought I would be into reading blogs but they are quite fascinating and addictive!

  5. I resent the lousy cook comment!
    I’m really not that bad. I just get sidetracked too easily.
    Analise is right though – don’t ask me for directions.

    “If she’s even entertaining the idea, I’d suggest that you’re probably a top bloke.”

  6. I was saying I fully agree to what I quoted what Paul said.

    I always like it when people agree with me. I don’t know about the cooking comment either. I’ve had some pretty decent tacos which I attributed to Bec even if one of her sisters actually did all the work. πŸ˜›

    I also don’t know what I think about this parents on blogs thing.

  7. I must admit – I am not yet in a position to make any calls on Bec’s cooking – not having had the opportunity for that experience. *cough* hint *cough*

  8. Patience Geoff….you’ll eat some of her cooking eventually, and believe me, it will always have black bits of charcoal sprinkled throughout, lumps or some other abnormal apperance – it’s a lifetime guarentee!

    Love Bec’s “older” sister

  9. well we are the nosy relatives who check up on new new additions to the family πŸ™‚
    sounds like you have yourself a fine catch (character) Bec! Love to meet you some time. (*hint hint* bec!) this makes me want to start a blog too! good job.
    Love the favourite rellies xoxo

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