7 Replies to “It all makes perfect sense now”

  1. Just read that in my Bloglines and realised that the strikeout doesn’t come up in my feed, so “why I’m such a nice guy the way I am” sounds even more arrogant than I intended

  2. See – you’re such a nice guy that you actually cared. Consistent with my test, I would not only care, I never would have written the part that needed striking out. Good thing God made people like you to balance out the world a little better. But I sense it takes about 10 like you to compensate for 1 like me.

  3. The biggest problem is that there’s lots of people like that – the exact number is….. oh, darn, I’ve forgotten the population of America again. 🙂

  4. Very Sorry – I got so excited about our own little inventor club that I got overtaken with stupidity. Or the already underlying stupidity took over. Either way – I’ll work on keeping my stupidity in check.

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