It’s a small blogosphere after all

So here I am innocently checking through the comments of a blog post that I’d left a comment on, and one of the comment authors was the first name of someone who I’d been discussing blogging with last night, although hadn’t given my address or got hers (pay attention to that bit – it’s in italics). So I click on the link and lo and behold, it was exactly the person. Which would make a nice coincidence, but probably not really a blog-worthy story.


I have a quick peruse through the first post and near the end of a decent sized post, I spot this little fragment (names disfigured to protect the innocent; or otherwise):

“Jessica Rabbit and I got talking about blogging, she said a certain other person (present) blogs and asked for mine, which I was perfectly happy to give her. Anyway, we drifted up the road to Macca’s after and I was talking to him about it (blogging) note: I did not ask for his blog-address.

Tonight when I got home I did something extremely stupid. “Google is your friend” All the time I was telling myself, “Don’t you dare Natalie Portman! You wouldn’t like it, don’t do it!” and I went and found it. Now I feel traitorous and rather bad and so will have to get to him asap to apologise.

….. despite not really knowing him all that well I have a lot of respect for him. ” (this bit really was in there, but I might have added it out of context just to make myself look good :))

I reassured poor Natalie Portman that I wasn’t too worried (lets face it, I’m always after any attention I can get) and felt a little bit bad that I’d accidentally-on-purpose stumbled on hers. So there you go, be careful who you chat to about blogging – they might just be a stalker. (If Natalie Portman is reading this, I’m just kidding. And I hope you don’t mind being called Natalie Portman, I blame your blog. And I don’t have any idea where Jessica Rabbit came from.)

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  1. Ha! Just name me, Geoff I don’t mind – don’t strongly object to the psuedonym either. Jessica Rabbit, I so must start using that, the poor girl will be totally confused.

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