Still Learning

Ever have that realisation that some of the things you’re teaching might actually be true? I’ve been teaching the youth every second Sunday morning, help and found that I’ve been relaying the thought that god works best in us in our hardest times, site and that those are the times that you learn. It’s such an easy thing to say, and even though I’ve always believed what I was saying, it hit me hard the other day, when I’ve actually been going through the process of an unexpected (although still amiable and certainly not the messiest ever) breakup I’m actually finding that it’s true!

So as hard as this time has been, (which is my poor excuse for not blogging) I’ve been seeing God’s hand in all of it. God has been blowing me away, and while I’m not saying I’ve been altogether throughout this, and there’s still a lot of nagging questions, and my fragile self-esteem has taken a hit, God’s been walking me through it. This whole relationship deal isn’t just made up! Epiphany!