Pushing through terror laws

Regardless of your opinion on the current terror legislation, ampoule and your political leanings anyway, buy viagra there is something deeply concerning about the approach of our Federal Government (supported by the Federal Opposition) to pushing these changes through the Senate. Using a current terrorist threat as justification for implementing legislation with a minimal amount of scrutiny is despicable.

Pushing through new laws from a mentality of “we need it now” is deeply misguided. We haven’t seen a single significant terrorist attack on Australian soil in the past however long, and yet police need these powers now. Surely any law that is to last ten years should be enacted because it is the best set of legislation for the next ten years, not just as a knee jerk reaction to current circumstances. Letting governments get away with these sort of actions is akin to the sort of approach that saw the success of the burning of the Reichstag.

~Edit: Sorry if this is a bit controversial and slightly political. I am certainly not trying to say that the government is comparable to Nazis.